A captivating spy story… very well written and constructed, with well-drawn characters.
- Courier Mail

A fast-paced and thrilling read
- West Australian

A provocative book in which every sort of dogma is turned on its head
- Sunday Mail



As I've indicated on the Home page, I endeavour to carry out extensive research for my novels, traveling to and immersing myself in the cultures of the various locations.  That said, given my military background, there are some places like the Khyber Pass in North West Pakistan near that country's border with Afghanistan, that I don't wander into - indeed I wouldn't venture into the Khyber Pass at the moment unless I was accompanied by a substantial protection force.  Fortunately, Google Earth and the internet provide a very useful means of checking facts and locations that would otherwise be off limits.

For other parts of the world, most recently researching "The Russian Affair", I spent time in Moscow and St Petersburg; Paris, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Boston (one of my favourite American cities).  So in addition to other personal photographs, I've posted some from the research I've carried out for each novel, starting with the most recent. 

The Russian Affair


                                                         Researching "The Russian Affair"


  The Russia I became acquainted with was somewhat different to the one that is portrayed by some sections of the Media.